Aarhat Publication and Aarhat Journals, India.
A Book Printing Solution
Aarhat Publication and Aarhat Journals, India is an international scholar’s publisher for open access scientific journals in both print and online publishing from India. Its aim is to provide scholars and researchers all over the world with rapid academic publishing and free access. Aarhat Publication and Aarhat Journals, India team is dedicated to continuously improving service provision and to maintaining high quality standards. We publish journals in all disciplines including Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Medical Sciences, Business Management Studies, Agriculture, Biosciences, Engineering and others, to meet the demands of scholars and researchers around the world.

About Book Publication
Aarhat Publication and Aarhat Journals, India Publishers has started it’s provide book publishing services from 2011. This is publishing Book with ISBN. It publishes books written in English, Marathi, Hindi or other languages in Print and Online Version.
  • Author/Authors need to submit filled (ISBN PUBLICATION PROPOSAL FORM) and after passing the evaluation (which may takes 5-10 days), final decision on approval or disapproval for the book publication will come out. Then need to send the whole book.
  • If the book is approved to be published after evaluation, publishing agreement and publication cost will be discussed and signed. (Publication cost is minimal which mainly depends on number of pages of books, Supplementary copies required for Authors, Type of Books, marketing strategies, royalty etc.)
  • Then Authors need to send complete books materials with standard form by email to aarhatpublication@gmail.com
  • Once the payment has been received, Typesetting and Proofreading, Cover Design, ISBN allotment work will be done promptly and authors will receive Gallery Proof.
  • After confirmation of Gallery proof from authors Aarhat Publication and Aarhat Journals, India will publish the book and do its best to promote the book to strive for the maximum of sales.